5p Prehistoric Micro

Through the ages: Prehistory


So I’m trying to set up a friendly little micro competition here, feel free to join in at any point, I’m going to theme my games on different ages throughout history.

The current standings are:
Player , Town , Scum , 3rd Party
Mittens , 0-0 , 1-0 , 0-0
StarV , 0-0 , 1-0 , 0-0
Tier , 0-1 , 0-0 , 0-0
Andres , 0-1 , 0-0 , 0-0
GTacc , 0-1 , 0-0 , 0-0

This is an open set up, it won’t likely take much time (probably 1 or two in game days). This set up is nightless, each day is 72 hours.

1 x Mammoth (Scum)
1 x Chief (Town)
2 x Hunter (Town)
1 x Primitive Hunter (Town)

Now, I know that you think you can pick a mammoth out of a room of people, but everyone was much hairier in 8000 BC, so it’s understandable if they could not figure it out.

Mammoth: May perform a day kill on a player who is currently voting, this does not end the day. The mammoth always has a vote regardless of how the spears are distributed.
Chief: The chief has 3 spears and must distribute them each day, players who have not received spears cannot vote for a lynch.
Hunter: Vanilla townies
Primative Hunter: This player cannot vote for a lynch, however, their vote instead is a redirect action which absorbs any votes / kills / spears originating from their target.

Primative Hunter Example

StarV votes Mantis
Mantis Kills Urist
StarV Dies

StarV votes Mantis
Mantis Gives Spear to Urist
StarV receives the Spear

StarV votes Mantis
Mantis votes Urist
Mantis vote counts on StarV instead


Hit that /in button



Does primitive hunter need a spear to redirect?



Wait, nvm, mittens said in