5p My Little Subburb OVER


This game is played entirely in neighborhoods, each player has 2 neighbors, 5 neighborhoods in total. No game thread. The day ends as soon as one of the neighborhoods has a unanimous vote.

1x Mafia
4x Town


we should get a @5p group goin

The amazing thing here is, these games currently have a 50% scum win rate.

standings say we need permission to access

My bad, I gave the wrong link

Day 1 begins

Only posts directed at the mod as questions can go here.

Chat and vote in your neighborhood. You may vote for people outside of your neighborhood


Remember this game is played by lynching someone unanimously… Everyone in your neighborhood has to be onboard with the lynch, however, the lynch target could (and in fact, basically has to be) in a different neighborhood.

Tier has been lynched, he was town

You may no longer post in your neighborhoods.


Please submit night actions.

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The long night has come and gone.


The dawn has come on a new day.

You may now use this thread to resolve the lynch.

DS is dead

I kinda forgot I was playing this game tbh. Let’s just quick kill VOTE: Tommy and be done with it I guess.

VOTE: Tommy2Hands


@Tommy2Hands has been lynched and reveals to be town.

@Andresvmb wins, he was Mafia.