5p Greek City States: Athens

The Dawn of Democracy

City State: Athens

1x Plato 3rd Party
You are one of the great Greek philosophers, you take issue with the rise of democracy as politics really should be kept to the select few who are worthy in the eyes of the gods, not the populous.

Every night, you may investigate one other player, you will be informed if that player is Greek or Persian.

You win when all Greek Citizens have been removed from the democracy (lynched or endgame loss). If the Greek Noble is elected, you exit the game.

1x Greek Noble
You are a Greek Noble, you hold no more power than anyone else in this democracy.

You win when the Persian is lynched.

1x Persian
You are a Persian, what are you doing in Athens? You were sent to infiltrate the Greek government, it shouldn’t be too difficult now that the people are responsible for choosing their leaders.

You win when all Greek are dead OR the elected player is also lynched on the same day OR a failure to reach election majority OR you are alive at the start of day 3.

2x Citizens
You are Greek.

You win when the Persian is lynched.

Election: On day 1 there will be an election for the representative of Athens, the elected player exits the game victorious. If the Persian is elected, town loses and Greece falls to ruins.

Election votes are private and only revealed after the day lynch.

There will be no flips this game.



@Players +2

I’m gonna be busy the next few days

I’ll in if it doesn’t start by the weekend

How do you keep making these kind of low playered games

I always wanted to design a game, so I’m kind of just using you guys as practice, throwing different set ups together and see what works and what doesn’t.

Oh cool, I wondered if you get these from somewhere else

Also among all of the setups, I like the campfire the most

DS made it :joy: I did not.

I didn’t make it, just modified it

Lmaooooooo i didnt realize that

It’s normal that the set ups aren’t necessarily an immediate hit, I’m trying to find other mechanics that balance a 5 player set up basically, I think my first set up and my last set up are relatively balanced in that way, but the mechanics used aren’t super appealing it would seem, so we’re trying something new here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do the Egypt one but all the executions are the same day and the actions are permanent

Tbh I didnt understand egypt setup bu never needed to

Well u threw game 1 lol. So that was expected

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I’m not sure that would be possible. Both the redirect and the bus driver just target the Pharaoh, and then it’s impossible for the Pharaoh to die, they just need to figure out where the other redirect is, but it’s no risk. If they both redirect to the same player, it’s even more auto.

It’s easy enough to coast through, but then when you roll Pharaoh or Assassin, you just lose.

Change the roles up then