5p All Cops Round 2 OVER


This is a sample role pm:

Actual roles are closed. They will not necessarily be the same as last game, in order to prevent auto-cc.


Very interesting that Tier has not been lynched in our 5 player games, 6 games, 0 lynches… Also 50% win rate, so it’s hard to say if it’s positive, but noteworthy.

Remember, this set up does have some bastardization of roles.

I’m basically getting lynched d1 now fuck you star

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I’ll take that as an /in

not interested after not being allowed to play last time

Well, You’ll likely get a chance to speak this time ;d

Oh shit I’m 3 for 3

@Players 1 more before we start.



N0 has begun, please submit night actions.

Remember, investigation counts are very important.

Nothing is as it appears.

:slight_smile: Have fun.


Deadline is 6pm tomorrow. If we receive all submissions before then, we will begin the day early. Submissions are time sensitive, they will be processed in the order they are received (Night Kills are processed last - but there is no NK on N0). Timestamp & Submission time discussion is forbidden during the day.

Day 1 Begins

Got chesskid town

Got ds mafia. Assume that means hes town.

VOTE: chesskid3

1 shot ascetic, 2 shot miller, on the fourth shot i become a governor so that means someone else copped me because the ascetic comes first

I tiered and no result