3 visionaries VS 10 lemmings Night 2


D1 Lynch: ActionDan
N1 Death: Drifter
N1 Death: Bepwei
D2 Lynch: REM

General Rules:

  1. Do not use my colors, Orange-ish (#FF4000)
  2. If you believe a mod error has been made or you disagree with any action I took, please PM me immediately.
  3. Please bold all questions or requests to the Mod.
    3.1. I won’t answer any questions about another player’s role.
    3.2. I will answer the private questions privately and the public ones publicly.
    3.3. If you have any questions about your role pm, please ask them privately.
  4. After your death, you may post one content less “Bah” post.
  5. You may not quote private communication of any kind, including (real or fabricated) Moderator-supplied information. Paraphrasing is acceptable.
    5.1. You may not quote private topic or other out-of-game discussion (such as Hydra chats) in the public game thread, regardless of if the quotes are real or fabricated. Paraphrasing is acceptable.
    5.2. You can always copy and paste the full content of your own posts (outside of moderator communication) so long as it does not contain any links to where it came from or any timestamps or any other kind of marks and labels.
    5.3. You may only ever paraphrase posts by other players and this is also subject to the same link/timestamp/label restriction.
  6. Do not talk about this game anywhere else unless I have specified it is permitted such as in a private topic. This includes messaging other players.
  7. Do not discuss other ongoing games.
  8. Do not play against the spirit of the rules or of the game. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
    8.1. This includes talking bad about players or site. If you don’t like it don’t play.
    8.2. If i feel you are going against the spirit of this rule I will force replace you or mod kill you.
  9. No invisible/small/encrypted text allowed.
  10. I will not edit/fix any of your posts. If you want your mistake fixed/edited, do it with a new post.
  11. This rule set is subject to change at any time. If a change is made mid-game, it will be announced in-thread by the mod.
  12. Any Violation to the General rules or “Site” rules may result in force replacing or Mod Killing you. Please be careful about what your doing.

Voting and Deadline Rules:

  1. Votes should be made using bolded text in an obvious manner with a vote tag VOTE: Srceenplay. You can also vote for a no lynch unless a preventing mechanic is in place.
    1.1. Unvotes when changing votes are not necessary.
    1.2. Votes made inside quoted or spoilered text will not be counted.
    1.3 I will use my discretion to determine if a vote was cast. If you want me to count it make sure i understand it. If you don’t want me to count it make sure I don’t misunderstand it.
  2. A lynch (or no lynch) occurs when a simple majority is reached. If deadline is reached without a simple majority, a no lynch occurs.
  3. All days have a deadline of 2 IRL days. I may extend this in rare circumstances or by game mechanics.
  4. When a player is lynched, all the players may continue to post until I announce that the game entered a night phase.
  5. Each night will end after 24 hours.
    5.1. Nights can be faster if all living players ask for it in PM. (If I’m available.) [/color]
    5.2. The countdown for a night deadline will not start while a replacement is being sought out.
  6. All night actions must be submitted by PM or a relevant private topic. If I have not heard from you, I will presume you are not taking an action.
  7. In the case of five consecutive phases with no deaths, all factions who have not yet achieved their win condition will lose.
  8. If there is any kind of game mechanics that are preventing a player from voting , The player won’t be included in the vote counts.

Activity Rules:

  1. A prod PM will be issued if any player does not post in the main game thread for 24 hours.
    1.1. Prods will be announced in-thread.
    1.2. You have 24 hours to pick up your prod either by posting or PM (if at night). After this time, I may begin seeking a replacement.
  2. If you show up before announcing the replacement in thread you may continue the game.
  3. I may seek replacement immediately without waiting 24 hours if a player receives three or more than three prods.

Ability Casting Rules:

  1. If you want to cast an ability that requires a target to be cast on, use this format : The Exact Ability Name : Target
    1.1. If it’s not a targeting action just bold the action name like The Exact Ability Name
    1.2. Please remember to bold this so I count that action. This helps to me to confirm your intentions.
  2. All the night actions will be resolved by Natural_Action_Resolution. All the day actions will resolve in order of their timestamps.
    2.1. All the day action will start their effects from the moment their getting casted on , not the time I’m resolving them.
  3. Night action should be PMed to the mod or posted in an applicable PT.
  4. If its not specified in your role pm where you can cast a day action you may cast it publicly in the game thread or privately by sending a Private message to moderator account.
  5. People may cast any of the abilities they have in the same phase.

Game Setup:
This is a confirmed 10v3 setup.

Game will Start when everyone confirms.


Can anyone message @Chuck and @Leafia on discord?

If they dont respond today I’ll be looking for replacements


Everyone has confirmed.

Game begins.
You have 48 hours for day 1.


does a backflip

Anyways, hello

I have played with

5 of you

(I can count!)

waits for people to get on

Hey everyone.

For the people semi-new to the site I’d say the biggest change may be that people’s average post rate per day is likely significantly lower than what you’re used to (good reference may be that our games rarely go over 2,500 posts and usually hover around 1k at most.)

You’ll also probably be exposed to new techniques/stylistic choices of varying degrees of effectiveness, but why ruin the surprise there.



VOTE: JacksonVirgo

Cool hi people.

That’s good, I’m usually pretty busy and not having 5k posts per game is nice.

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I’m really looking forward to this tbh

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VOTE: Jackson


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VOTE: NotMafis his name is obviously lying

VOTE: NotMafia

NotMafia is a jester that will be here shortly to troll the shit out of this game