2d3 Ray Bradbury Mafia - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Welcome, northsidegal and tn5421! You are the Mafia team!

This private chat thread is for your plotting. You’ll be able to post here and make plans together during the pre-game and at all times during the day and night phases while you are alive.

You can PM your night-kill and rolecop choices to me or post them in bold text here. You will need to choose which one of you does the kill as well as who you want to kill.

If you have any questions, you can ask them here or send me a PM, whichever you prefer.

Good luck!

hoo boy, i didn’t expect to roll mafia.

To be clear: This is daytalk, yes?

Yes. You have all the time talk.

I’m a little worried about RedFlavor.

I have enough people townreading me that any attempt to get me lynched will probably just get laughed at.

If you feel you need to, push me down for cred though. If that’s what it takes to win.

i’m probably done pushing on you as a lynch for now and onto just “you’re town but your points against me make no sense”

well, i managed to avoid elli’s neural net, but not fool it - still in the PoE.

RIP you, i think. people just sheep elli on his scumreads here, right?

before the day ends i would appreciate if you could comb through the thread and try to look for PRs. I’ll do the same. if we’re not killing ellibereth we need to be absolutely certain we’re hitting a PR, or else the game is over.

actually this game is over if you get lynched today.

you need to try as hard as you can to get the lynch on someone other than yourself.

there’s no chance that i can believably do anything but vote you, so i can’t help you there.

i think if it looks like there’s no chance to survive your best fakeclaim is tracker. there’s a chance we’re in B2 and it keeps you alive maybe (assuming people here don’t take ellibereth’s read as a guilty), and if you get lynched then a tracker is functionally identical to a cop anyways

I’m doing my best to discredit elli’s read in a way that doesn’t scream scum. I’m really not good at being scum though.

There is no way we win this game with elli alive though.

I’m considering a fake gamethrow gambit if the reaction to this isn’t positive.

I’m going to complain that elli is bussing me as my last post if I get hammered.

I think it’d be better for you to still fakeclaim a role. I need to kill elli tonight anyways, I don’t think leaving him alive with partner paranoia makes sense.

oh rip

tn5421 will continue to have access to this topic, but can’t post again until the game is over.

Kill: Ellibereth
Rolecop: Metal Sonic