2 rooms and a boom

So, this game is pretty simple.

Team Terrorist vs Team President.

One player is the bomb, one player is the president.

Alignments are unknown, but you can share your role pm with other players at any time, it is publicly announced in the thread when you do.

2 PTs, players divided 50/50 between them.

Every night players get to vote to send 2 members from their PT (might be 1 depending on player count) to the other PT instead.

Discussion resumes at day start.

At the start of day 5, bomb goes boom!

If the president is dead, team Terrorist wins.

If the president is alive, team president wins.

I’m thinking this could actually be a cool inter-site game too (a little competition is always good).

Terrorists win if only prez dies to bomb?


I can imagine day discussion will be like the ones in assassin prezhunt games

What’s that?

No discussion

I might actually change it up slightly


this might work better as a chat game? 5 days seem long.

unless it’s 5 days realtime.

I don’t know how any of this works. But I’m in.

Do you see the button at the top of thread? :heart_eyes: we like to use that to avoid any ambiguity

You’re really blind.

Fffffffff i thought this was the one that DS wanted one more on that was at 4 and it said 4

I’m guessing its that one that says it has 4 that’s called 5 around a campfire.

But I’m new here I don’t know what’s going on

ignore him he knows less

Dont lie you clearly know better than me

I know nothing, but suspect everything. Isn’t that what we do here?

i also still don’t really get how this works