2 Mafia, 1 Vig, 6 VT (9/9)

A simple 9 player setup that is exactly what it says on the can, previously ran on mafiascum here.

Only things of note are

  • mafia don’t have daytalk
  • the vig can choose to not shoot
  • kills resolve simultaneously (if two people shoot each other they both die)
  • everyone dying is a mafia win

Please choose 5/2 or 7/2 upon inning.


  1. NotMafia
  2. northsidegal
  3. Neymar
  4. fferyllt
  5. catspurr
  6. sheepsaysmeep
  7. muffins
  8. Transcend
  9. Katsuki

I like callforjudgements version of this better


You mean the prod/deadline mechanic?

No 3 Vt 1 vig 1 BP 1 goon 1 1shot autorb

Or maybe theres 9p not 7 but i think it’s 7p

would you rather/have time to play that
I prefer setups where I have to define less things haha

/in to vig scum again :sunglasses:

edit: 7/2 preferred




either day length is good.

In 5/2
Although, if we were given the option I would say 5/1

I think 2 is safer just because it’s super easy to not have access for some 24 hour period (including for me).

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i would in if there were at least 1 more vanilla town

not townsided enough for you? :wink:


the standard on mu is 2v8 i run those regularly and winrate for each alignment is about 50%

ms site meta means setup should be more townsided at minimum

shrug /in anyways the playerlist looks ok

Great argument for 7v2

Based on some (albeit incomplete) work I’ve done, I think you’d be surprised to find that the supposed skill discrepancy between active sites doesn’t really exist to the scale a lot of people think it does.

That said, I do think mafia is an intrisically town-sided game so I favor setups where scum win more often than not given random actions.