2-3 setups per playercount for knowledgebase

Hey we’re making our setup knowledge-base and I’d like to have 2-3 fun solid setups for each player counts between 5 and 13. Ideally each setup per player count is fairly different from the other two (one super simple, and couple with different role/unique mechanics is a generic split) and have been tested.

Most important factor are they’re setups that a large-enough subset of people would enjoy, other things (balance, etc.) are secondary.

Would strongly prefer setups that have been tested multiple times in the wild. If any of y’all know anyone offsite who would have a good sense for this type of thing please do send them over.

Mafia 4 5 1 for 10 players

I’m thinking of redoing the set up though, we can make it 4 5 1 with a cult instead of a vigi

Matroska for 7-9

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Mountainous 13

aka “Fuck you and your mechanics”

I thought Ranked 2v7 was pretty good setup-wise

Marked for death is a good one for eight imo

I like party cop 9er too, less sure how popular that one is tho


Kids with Guns (IC, 1-Shot Vig, 4 VTs VS Goon, Suicide Bomber) for 8 players

Jungle of Bullshit (3 scum vs 2 town, if town is eliminated d1, they survive and kill 2 players. If scum is eliminated they choose a townie to confirm and a scummate to die with them, 3p LyLo plays out like normal)

Are a couple for awkward numbers

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Popcorn Mafia (1 player is announced as town gunbearer, they can daykill a player, if they hit scum they continue to be town, if they hit town they die and the townie they tried to kill becomes gunbearer, rinse and repeat until all scum die or have equal numbers) can easily be scaled between player numbers, you can even play it without a mod in person.

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I forgot the name 5p - (1 Godfather, 1 Goon, 3 VT)

  • Nightless
  • If town is executed day 1 their alignment is revealed but they do not die until EoD 2
  • Town wins when the godfather is executed
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True Love (6 Town, 2 Goons)

  • Nightless
  • Each player is “paired” with another player as a lover
  • Both goons cannot be paired together
  • lovers can privately communicate with each other
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Thanks guys

I do think matroshka has a place…afaik we’re the only site to run it

Can you send me a real writeup for it, idr details.

N players 2 scum

Talking phase
Dollmaker randomly chosen from all town players
Dollmaking phase ordered list of players 1 2 …n-1 submitted by dollmaker

If either of 1,2 are scum or scum are adjacent, they win

Is that technically mafia tho

Its like submitting WIFOM or AITCOTK

Mafia Universe Champs… .Player count: unknown.

Jungle of Bullshit (starts with informed majority) and Popcorn (doesn’t really use votes) are also games that really mess with the format but most people would consider mafia.

WIFOM on the other hand isn’t really “mafia with a twist”, if I’m thinking of the right game there isn’t even a mafia team? Idk what AITCOTK is.

You can make the “is it even REAL mafia tho” argument for any game that isn’t mountainous tbh. Kinda misses the point imo

Assassin in the Court of the King