1v1 me B!^$# [over]

This game was drafted. @Josh is mafia, @chesskid3 town. We are not disclosing any info about how we drafted.

This is a friendly game. Be nice.

This game will likely start towards the end of this week.


5 town, 4 mafia


1x Town Voteless
1x Town 1-shot Day Vigilante
1x Town Doctor
1x Town Role Blocker
1x Town Role Cop

4x Mafia Goon

Mafia knows the alignment, roles AND night actions of all town players.

Town night actions are only revealed to the mafia after the factional KP has been confirmed, but before the start of the next day.

Town loses if nothing can prevent mafia from winning. Town only wins if all the mafia are dead. To reiterate, town loses such scenarios as 1 roleblocker vs. 1 goon.

Doc can self-save.
Role PMs

Hey you’re a goon. Your partners are AAA, BBB and CCC. You can chat here 24/7 or if you would like a discord we’ll make one for you.
Additionally, you know that:
DDD is the Doctor
EEE is the Role Cop
FFF is the Role Blocker
GGG is the 1-Shot Day Vig
HHH is the Voteless
You will also be told each townie’s night action and result at the end of each night phase after actions are locked.

Hey you’re a 1-shot Dayvig. To shoot someone, type Shoot: Name. No angleshotting, if not exactly like this bolded and with a colon, i’m ignoring it.

Hey you’re the Doctor. Your protection only lasts at night so if you doc someone and they get dayvigged that’s it they’re dead. Also you will not be informed if you get roleblocked. You can choose to use your protection on yourself.

Hey you’re the Role Blocker. You can choose to roleblock someone each night and they won’t be able to perform any action. This includes the scum kill, the doctor and the role cop. The person will not be informed they have been blocked, but well I guess it’s going to be pretty obvious to the role cop.

Hey you’re the Role Cop. You can choose one target each night and you will recieve their role. You will get ‘Goon’ if you target any Goon.

Hey you’re Voteless! You may not cast a vote. If you do, I will modkill you.This modkill ends the day. Don’t do it.



Role PMs going out tonight or tmrw morning

Role PMs going out now. Please confirm your role and any restrictions/conditions/etc via PM. I will not accept ‘C’ or ‘K’ or even ‘Town/Scum’ as confirmations.

All role PMs out. They went out to town first the order in the OP. Scum were given a headstart so if you angleshot about ‘What time did my role PM come in’ i’m also modkilling you.

Let’s have some clean 1v1s without irl scumfuck behavior thank you

I want the smogon cubone thing rn

please confirm people this sure as heck isn’t starting until you do.



1 2 3 4


5 6 7 8


9 10 11 12


I need 1 replacement pm me if interested @Players

All I want for Christmas is a replacement!

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@tn5421 replaces TheFlash.

This will start in a few hours.

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And by a few hours I mean right now!

Day 1 GOGOGO. 72hrs. 8 votes so 5 to lynch



i have replaced in, therefore i am scum. discuss

Is it optimal for the town voteless to claim asap? or just wait until they can’t vote?

We just need to mass-claim because mafia know our roles already.

Is there a benefit to establishing an order?

I don’t think so, no.

Presumably mafia have had some amount of communication already so idk that order matters

Town Doctor

@Nanook popcorn to you

Scum Town voteless