11p Arsonists (1, 7)

  • 9 Town, 2 Arsonists
  • Arsonists can factionally douse a person every night.
  • Twice in the game, at night, they can ignite all doused parties, killing them. They can douse and ignite on the same night - killing the person doused that night.
  • Majority instantly ends day. If no majority person with most votes at deadline dies. Arsonists breaks ties.
  • No kill is an option - VOTE: No Kill - voting rules apply as if No Kill was a player.
  • For each time a No Kill happens, arsonists get an additional ignite.
  • 72/24

Killthestory: Town, Vanilla
M2H: Town, Vanilla
tn5421: Mafia, Arsonist
Josh: Town, Vanilla
StarV: Town, Vanilla
Duskfall98: Town, Vanilla
ActionDan: Town, Vanilla
Andresvmb: Town, Vanilla
GTacc: Town, Vanilla
Nanook: Mafia, Arsonist
DS: Town, Vanilla



Deadline: 2019-09-08T16:00:00Z

Not Voting (11): Killthestory, M2H, tn5421, Josh, StarV, Duskfall98, ActionDan, Andresvmb, GTacc, Nanook, DS



A pretty solid start to any game tbh

I need a new mason, are you applying Andres?


VOTE: Josh


VOTE: KillTheStory

I don’t understand it and I’m not sure I like it.

We’d make a killer combo.

For a brief moment I thought you were softing scum and I was like wut.

I’m too tired to read apparently.

@M2H I already know you are town

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Because you are scum?


But that would be


Then I should take that into

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ffs how do you know that