1 Session Game (1-2 hours) Scheduling

We want to experiment with a 1-session “turbo” version for this type of game.
The phase lengths will tentatively be 5 minutes with up to 9 phases per day, no character limit.

Looking for 7 players

Would a Sunday at 8 PM EST (2018-12-10T01:00:00Z + multiples of 7 days) work for anyone interested?


Does the time work? Will hopefully be this week (in 3 days) or next week.

Personally I’d prefer 9 PM EST but that’s a trivial change

I’m more concerned that turbos would clash with me and urist’s DnD sessions since its scheduled at the same time :stuck_out_tongue: (but we’re on a december break now, so it won’t be an issue till next year)

in short - yeah it works

In, time works