1 session game (1-2 hour) Scheduling

Traditional free-posting Mafia.

Something in the neighborhood of 15 minutes days, 5 minute nights.

Looking for at least 7 people, no maximum, setup a function of that whoever’s there number.

  • Monday Night (~9 pm EST)
  • Tuesday Night (~9 pm EST)
  • Wednesday Night (~9 pm EST)
  • Thursday Night (~9 pm EST)
  • Friday Night (~9 pm EST)
  • Saturday Night (~9 pm EST)
  • Sunday Night (~9 pm EST)

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I’d be down. I’ve found that once you’re used to the format 8-12 minutes for days (depending on complexity of the setup) works pretty well.

Friday nights works for me.

I’d be willing to try.


I think @ErikaFurudo @Srceenplay and @DS mentioned they might be interested in this sort of thing.

I’d be down making it a regularly weekly thing if there’s interest/we can find a time.

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Added a poll in the OP.

not /inning because elli didnt tag me

Sunday nights tend to be the best

I don’t remember ever seeing this thread

Anytime during work

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