WIFOM Round 1 - Urist v M2H

The rules are as follows:

Game Rules:

  • Each player has a cup in front of them
  • One of the cups is randomly poisoned
  • One of the players is informed by the mod via pm as to which cup has the poison
  • The player that knows gets the opportunity to swap or to keep their cup
  • The player who is unaware then gets the opportunity to either swap or keep their cup
  • Whoever has the poisoned cup at the end of both players turns loses.

Tournament Rules:

  • Each 1v1 will be a best of three, the winner of which will advance to the next round of the tournament until eventually a victor is declared.
  • Discussion about all games that you are not participating in should be kept to the General Discussion thread
  • Each 1v1 set will have its own dedicated thread, which I will link in the second post of this thread once we get started.
  • I will prod players who are taking too long to respond, and will eventually replace them if necessary so try to act in a timely manner.
  • If you have any questions at all please ask, as I am happy to answer

Set 1 - @Urist v @M2H

M2H Knows where the poison is and therefore goes first.

The game begins now!

Hoo boy, time to get eliminated first

yeah it is time for you to be eliminated first.

@urist should I put the poison in front of you or me?

put the poison in front of whomever you feel is more prettier

I don’t even know what you look like but im crusty as fuck

who do you think is more prettier? :thinking:

I am moderately crusty. I wanna say that I’m not quite crusty as fuck, but maybe I’m just deluding myself.

in that case the poison goes in front of you.

VOTE: Leave it there


registering this as a Vote: Keep

Registering this as a Vote: Swap

You all have 10 minutes to disagree with my interpretation of your posts. From now on please do Vote: Keep/Swap

okay mb


Urist starts foaming at the mouth, though that is unrelated to the cup of poison he just drank.

M2H is up 1-0


Set 2 - @Urist v @M2H

Urist Knows where the poison is and therefore goes first.