WIFOM Round 1 - Mittens v StarV

The rules are as follows:

Game Rules:

  • Each player has a cup in front of them
  • One of the cups is randomly poisoned
  • One of the players is informed by the mod via pm as to which cup has the poison
  • The player that knows gets the opportunity to swap or to keep their cup
  • The player who is unaware then gets the opportunity to either swap or keep their cup
  • Whoever has the poisoned cup at the end of both players turns loses.

Tournament Rules:

  • Each 1v1 will be a best of three, the winner of which will advance to the next round of the tournament until eventually a victor is declared.
  • Discussion about all games that you are not participating in should be kept to the General Discussion thread Click Here
  • Each 1v1 set will have its own dedicated thread, which I will link in the second post of this thread once we get started.
  • I will prod players who are taking too long to respond, and will eventually replace them if necessary so try to act in a timely manner.
  • If you have any questions at all please ask, as I am happy to answer

Set 1 - @Mittens v @StarV

StarV knows where the poison is and therefore goes first.

The game begins now!

I do?

Well, I didn’t check my role pm, and I’m going to use RNG coin flip.

VOTE: Switch cups

VOTE: dont switch cups

VOTE: drink from my cup

Did I do that right



The poison started in front of StarV, and therefore Mittens dies because he did not swap his cup after StarV swapped to him.

StarV up 1-0

Set 2 - @Mittens v @StarV

StarV knows where the poison starts and therefore moves first

Ha! Got me good

It was rng

VOTE: switch cups

Random again?



VOTE: don’t switch the cups

VOTE: drink from my cup

StarV cackles as Mittens turns a deep shade of Vikings purple and drops to the ground. His last words were… SKOL VIKES!


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