WIFOM Grand Finale: Duskfall vs DS (DS Wins)

Welcome to the WIFOM tournament’s Grand Finale!

The WIFOM champion @Duskfall98 vs the WIFOM creator @DS

The rules are as follows:

Game Rules:

  • Each player has a cup in front of them. One of the cups is randomly poisoned.
  • One of the players is selected at random to be informed by the host privately as to which cup has the poison.
  • The player that knows must swap or keep their cup.
  • The player who is unaware then must swap or keep their cup.
  • Moves are made official by posting VOTE: Swap or VOTE: Keep.
  • Whoever has the poisoned cup at the end of both players turns loses.

Tournament Rules:

  • Discussion about all games that you are not participating in should be kept to the General Discussion thread.
  • I will prod players who are taking too long to respond. Please act in a timely manner.

The game is a best of seven.

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Grand Finale of @Duskfall98 vs @DS: Set 1

DS knows where the poison is, so he goes first.

Where are you putting the poison Mr ds?

Hmm, haven’t opened my pm yet. Perhaps it’s already in front of you. Who knows?

What is your favorite fruit, Sir Dusk?

If you would like a more direct answer, it doesn’t matter where the poison is, because you will be drinking it’s sweet sweet nectar at the end of the day.

Knowing your favorite fruit will help me decide.

I eat only forbidden fruits

No it definitely does matter where it is, if it’s in front of you, you will drink it

Oh so you’re a pomegranate guy then huh

Hmmm pomegranate means you like eating seeds. Seeds you can choke on. Choking on seeds can lead to death, therefore you want the poison in front of you…


We shall see.

It’s in front of me rn?

Would I lie to you in a game where you know I would lie to you? Therefore the more unlikely thing is to be honest, maybe?

Oh that wasn’t in this thread whoops

Anyways yeah, I’ll go where you tell me as a handicap, but just for this round

You don’t get to squirm your way out of making a decision on your own, sorry.

I’ll assume you want me to keep then as the poison is in front of me?

Yeah, I mean that would be optimal for me lol

But don’t game throw

Feel where the poison is and then move it with your mind

I’ll just ask key to move it for me