Vengeful Tournament G2

I’m not saying I think you’re Scum btw - but I don’t buy the argument that you’re always Town because Urist/StarV want to keep point distance between you and them. By that logic I’m always Scum this game, and I’m not.

Well it makes negative sense for both of the scum team to be in the me/M2H/Gtacc group. And I know I’m town, so I’m not voting for M2/Gtacc today

This is a bad strategy and you should rethink.

You’re obviously not going to vote yourself but strictly restricting your vote to NotMafia/Me because of it is just bad.

I have exam today and tmorow
Let’s DKDK gf before it

Since when you decided to play normally?

Makes sense but i think they could make maybe 1 of us mafia but never 2. Also I am locking ufo as town

This is all WIFOM, you should all just be good old fashioned scumhunting

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Then talk. I don’t think I’ve ever played with you before

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Hahahaha you haven’t? Oh man. We’re in for a good one.

Alright @M2H I actually think you might be Town. And for the first time ever I think GTacc is a decent TK. Thoughts?

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I think notmafia might be mafia


Also, NotMafia is probably Town. And the reason is simple - StarV and Urist know that NotMafia was going to come in and self-vote. It’s what NotMafia does. The problem with this is that it makes it impossible for the Town to actually TK the Godfather D1.

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So even if for some reason we were to figure out who it is - we never actually win the game D1.

So, NotMafia is a terrible TK, and GTacc who is coming in to assert that NotMafia is probably Mafia is almost certainly Scum.

After thinking about it, I’ve realized that this one is almost surely lost haha

I’m going to guess that the Scum Team is UFO/GTacc. Let’s see if I’m right.


Wait so you come in to say that MotMafia is probably Mafia and then vote M2H? What’s the logic?