Turbo Games


Who would be interested in turbo games?

Turbo games are games with very short deadlines, played in one sitting. I prefer something like 20-30 mins d1 15-20 mins after, shorter (10~ minute days/2 min nights) and longer (~1h days 5 min nights) are also ok. Kind of like MU turbos. I’d like to run them on Discord mainly, could also do some on forum. We did a bunch of Discord turbo games on Smogon the other day and they were a lot of fun, plus discord is more accessible to people from other sites.

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should be done on discord imo to bring some life to the 451 discord

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Ill try to in if Its on good time for me

I think I prefer video for 1-sitting stuff but I’d show up if I’m free/will help set up anything on discord.

I much prefer Discord games

that said, I know a lot of people who want this so its going to be a cross site thing. and because of that, its going to be on a private server. I’ll still associate it with 451 and give 451 mods who play staff on it since 451 is my home site now. or at least, thats my current plan.


Homie site cuz it’s full of homies

More like homo site heh he heh

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Are these turbo games chat or voice

ive only done chat but we could definitely also do voice discord is good for that since you can see whos talking and when

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talking about discord, @DS I mad you a mod on the server. Do whatever you want to make it better.

text is better imo, if i want a bunch of people yelling over each other i’ll play video


I’ve played both.
I would say it is hard to hear people talking over each other with out seeing them.
I mean it’s hard enough when you do see them.

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But I’ll be down to talk over people

in this case im gonna be out tbh

@Ellibereth okay cool, probably not changing anything atm but i have some ideas ill shoot you a pm

I’d be down. I’ve run and played a lot of text and vc based discord turbos, lmk what the go is

i might play to get better at snap reads idk

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It’ll be fun* I promise**.


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