$$ Tournament 1 (14 player)

Hey all,

We’re planning on running a series of open tournaments in 2021 with cash prizes. To prepare we’re going to have a few invite events with smaller cash prizes. We’re going to use these to test things, from rules and formats to verification and money-related manners.

Information for Tournament 1:

  • It’ll be for 14 players with 2 concurrent 7 player games.
  • There will be an entry fee of $5 USD.
  • There will be some form of identity verification. (I understand this seems overboard for this amount but we’re preparing for the future).
  • The setup will be nightless with three 48 hour days and one 24 hour sudden death (details below)
  • The tournament will be 4 games so it’d last a little over a month. (each game is a week, a day or two of break between games).
  • Half the slots will be set aside for “non-451 regulars”.
  • Looking to start in the next month.

For prospective players:

  • No record of replacing/flaking out of games.
  • Committing to playing and trying for the whole tournament even if you have no more chance of winning/winning prizes.
  • Some familiarity with (or willingness to learn) our site UI.
  • Familiarity with site policies.
  • Understand that even though there is money involved, the format is experimental and there may be unforeseen issues.


  • 5 Town Vanilla, 2 Mafia per game
  • Nightless
  • Pre-game every player submits another player in the game. The mafia team is randed from within these pairs. If there are matching pairs (e.g. player A submits B and player B submits A) the team is randed from amongst those pairs.
  • Days 1-3 proceed as normal. The player with the most votes at deadline dies with ties being broken by the mafia team.
  • If after Day 3 both mafia are dead OR if after Day 3 only town have died, the game ends.
  • If after Day 3 there 1 mafia and 2 town are dead, sudden death is initiated. All town players (dead or alive) privately submit a guess for the remaining mafia.


  • 2 Mafia dead in 3 days - Town players all get 15 points, Mafia players get 0 points
  • 0 Mafia dead in 3 days - Town players all get 0 points, Mafia players get 10 points.
  • Town player who is incorrect in Sudden Death: 4 points.
  • Town player who is correct in Sudden Death: 8 points with an additional point granted for each additional correct town player.
  • If no town is correct in Sudden Death, the Mafia players get 10 points, they lose 3.5 points for each living town player that is correct and 0.5 point for each dead town player that is correct. Final decimal values rounded up and cannot go below 0.

Prize Structure

  1. $80
  2. $40
  3. $20
  4. $10
  5. $10
  6. $5
  7. $5

Ties take the mean of the shared slots.

If you’re interested in playing, have questions, or think there’s some breaking strategy for the format, please PM me here or on Discord at Ellibereth#1113.