The Wine In Front Of Me - Game Thread



-Everyone has wine in front of them, but one of the cups is randomly poisoned

-RNG selects one person per round who will know where the poison is

-RNG selects the order of the players turns

-Everyone can choose to either keep their cup or swap with another player

-After everyone takes a turn, if the last person In the order chose to swap their drink, the person who received their cup gets to swap or keep that cup and then the round ends.

-After all turns for the round have been completed, everyone drinks and the poisoned player dies.

On the last round when it’s one v one, the person who does not know the location of the poison automatically goes last. The unknowing person’s potential swap is the last swap of the game.

Last person standing wins.

If you are the person who knows which cup is poisoned, you will recieve a pm. Otherwise don’t expect a pm.

All actions are done in thread with these underlined terms: I swap cups with (player name) / I keep my cup. If its not underlined, its not official. If its not official, its WIFOM.

You can talk as much as you want at all times up until you die, and the round doesnt end until everyone has done their action.

The order for the first round is:

  1. Sleazebaganno
  2. Metal Sonic
  3. Not Mafia
  4. Andres
  5. Nanook
  6. Naz
  7. Urist
  8. Srceenplay
  9. Empoof
  10. RedFlavor


Links to important stuff:
End of Round 1

Out of the middle, came a laaaddddy/and she whispered in my ear, something craaaazzzzy/she said, spill the wine, take that pearl, spill the wine, take that pearl, spill the wine, take that pearl, spill the wine, take that pearl

Is anyone here Australian? Australians are not to be trusted.

Adres has the poison cup

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Haha sucks to be him

If they trade with anyone, that person then trades with me and then I will give it back to Andres


Sup people I tried out playing at MU again and its not for me, maybe Ill play few turbos there but games are pretty fast

Yeah I heard from Mantis it didn’t go so well LOL

Also where did you get that gif of ellibereth for your avvy?

Ellie gave me the video and i edited it tp be a gif

Also if we dont know who is poisoned wtf am I supposed to do

Im pretty sure we do

Srceenplay lying btw, Nanook has the poison.

Btw rhis is fake, I have the possion

The poison was inside of us all alon- ggrkrkk

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I can see srceen lyting here but idk about sleaze

Srceen would never lie to me.

Yeah they like to keep it secret, they would probably not out their poison like that

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lets get this mf bread

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