The WIFOM Game - Round 2 (7/?)

Concept created by @DS here.

Join for some casual, WIFOMy, last man standing fun.

  • Every round starts with every living player having a cup of wine in front of them. One of the wines is poisoned.

  • One randomly selected living player per round will know where the poison is

  • A turn order is randomly generated per round.

  • In order, each player can choose to KEEP their cup, or SWAP cups with another player of their choice.

  • To keep : VOTE: Keep ([v]Keep[/v]), To swap VOTE: Playername ([v]Playername[/v])
  • After everyone takes their turn - if the last player to act swapped their drink, the player who they swapped with gets to take an additional turn and choose to Keep or Swap.

  • Everyone drinks and the poisoned player dies.

  • On the last round when it becomes 1v1, the player who does not know the location of the poison automatically goes last.

  • Last person standing wins.

  • Players can talk whenever they want in the topic about whatever they want.



Nah this is just normal I think there wasn’t enough players for a tourney


Would a tourney be more fun? I thought thought it would be more repetitive since it dissolves to pure RPS.

I kinda want to distinguish between stuff like this, assassins and count to 100, guess a number, etc. in terms of category.

Any suggestions for a nice way that won’t be too confusing?

Yeah it came to my mind while thinking about rps tournaments

are you both the same screenplay, and elli, that ive played with on liars club, and mini mafia/daily mafia? also this game is neat

still debating if i will join though lol

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Yup. That’s us.

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whats liars club? sounds fun

So… um… mini tourney with the four of us


1:3 mountainous




that’s 7 now>

you guys wanna go


(7 is me, I’ll get someone else to send who has poison)

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@chesskid3 come play you twat