The Resistance 6p - 11p (Full)

Aiming for 11p but the game can run with less.
I am going to be running the basic variation of the game that can be found here. Although we may try more complex variants in the future!


  1. Ellibereth
  2. Chesskid3
  3. Judge Mental
  4. ActionDan
  5. fferyllt
  6. Andresmvb
  7. Chara
  8. Erika Furudo
  9. Katsuki
  10. Riley Cake
Players 6 7 8 9 10 11
Resistance 4 4 5 6 6 7
Spies 2 3 3 3 4 4

At the start of the game a leader is randomly selected.

Leader Phase
The Leader has 24 hours to select a number of players to form a party to send out on a mission.

Voting Phase
For the next 48 hours or until all votes are submitted all of the players may discuss the Leader’s choice in thread and submit votes over pm. All players will have 48 hours to pm me “Pass”, “Decline” or “Abstain” after all votes are submitted or 48 hours passes all votes and who placed them will be publicly revealed. If a majority of players vote Pass then the party will be sent out on a mission. After the mission concludes or the vote fails the next player in the playerlist will become the new leader. If 5 votes fail in a row the spies win.

For the next 24 hours players on the mission will pm me “Success” or "Failer until all cards are played.
All members of the Resistance automatically submit 1 “Success” cards but are still required to pm me during this phase to acknowledge they submitted that card.
Spies have the option to submit either a “Success” or “Fail” card.
At the end of the mission the number of Success and Fail cards are revealed. If all 5 cards are success cards then the resistance gets a point otherwise the spies get a point. Missions marked with an asterisk (*) only need 4 success cards in order for the resistance to get a point. At the end of the mission the exact number of each card will be publicly revealed.

The first team to 3 points wins.

Players 6 7 8+
Mission 1 2 2 3
Mission 2 3 3 4
Mission 3 4 3 4
Mission 4 3 4* 5*
Mission 5 4 4 5
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I was told that I am inning for this



/in to be sent on EVERY



yeah ok, /in

full disclosure I think I’m fairly shit at this game



I’m in.


elli’s a bad person, nobody send him on missions.

/in if 11 I gesso

Nice avi Chel

Never played on forum before lets try this.

Send me on missions ty.


I will start the game tomorrow morning.
People can still sign up before then.

/in if there’s still spacesies


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Sorry Josh the game already started.
I should have put that somewhere.