The official Booty xN Yeah Competition

Round robin style, everyone who joins will play everyone else one time.

Each round, players will secretly lock in a submission of ‘Booty’ or ‘Yeah’

If both players submit ‘Booty’ the bootypile grows by 2 and the game continues. If one player submits ‘Booty’ and the other ‘Yeah’ the player who submitted ‘Yeah’ gets all the previously accumulated points plus one for the ‘Booty’. The other player gets nothing and the game ends.

If both players submit ‘Yeah’ they split the pot and the game ends.

The player with the highest score after everyone has played everyone wins.

And remember there is no second place. If you ain’t first you’re last.

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If I always submit yeah I can never lose :thonk:

Incorrect. In games you are not part of other players can rack up a high score.

The winner is the person with the highest total Booty score across all their games combined.

Also all rounds and all games happen simultaneously, as in every play will lock every action before I post any of them for round 1 in each game and then applicable round 2s all start together etc


Finally an appropiate game for my taste

Gimme an eye patch and call me a pirate, cuz I’m about to snatch some booty arrrr

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Time to face Dan again

Oof this is already 28 threads I have to make :grimacing:

Might just have all the trash talk and results here with people submitting all their ongoing actions in rounds in 1 pm


It’s lazy and I like it.

you can also just ask for conditional bootyyeahs in the pms.



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Nah cuz it might depend on if other matches end

per round that is

Yeah but they’re all simultaneous

So if we both booty but everyone else yeahs r1 I may want to yeah r2

Oh I see. each round is posted per match

Yeah exactly

Everyone agree to yeah first round and crash the tournament with a simultaneous


Play all of the round robin matches simultaneously so everyone is playing everyone else at the same time