The Great Necro Game

How to play:
Post in this thread.

How to win:
Post the bump this thread the furthest.

Other rules:
You may not post unless to beat your own personal high score.
Also don’t double post.

Top Ten

  1. Ellibereth: 2020 years
  2. GTacc: 11 hours 9 minutes
  3. tn5421: 1 hour 36 minutes
  4. DS: 21 minutes
  5. Chesskid3: 14 minutes

Just set it so this topic will be automatically bumped on my 100th birthday

I win

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he sent us back to BC

You are not even the creator of this thread how did you set that

Elli cheated

idk host privs?

I cant even set that in my own thread wtf

u n l u c k y

do your part and host some mafia games for us then

my 2020 years should be in the OP




Elli has that 2020 vision

can we delete this cursed thread?


this is a great thread