:blobby: SoDopeMafia6: The Sky is Falling (Throwback Re-Rand) - [TOWN WIN]

All my posts have been serious btw


Don’t really agree with this

hi urist lol vote: duck

VOTE: duck

Actually VOTE: tommy2hands

im glad it didnt quote the video bc thats why u deserve my vote
will not budge gg bois i solved it


I have cast a vote upon you; what shall be your next course of action?

##daykill Gamma_Emerald

Oof, was scum with Tommy, gl tommy


Ha, jk.

This thread doesn’t show up in my notifications.

The only thing I’ve ever received is:

Does that block further notifications or something?

Because this is super-important and topical, here’s another screenshot:

(Screenshot removed by mod.)

You see the thing at the bottom that says Tracking? Change it to Watching

VOTE: @GaMmA_eMeRaLd

Awesome, thanks!

And now to figure out which scum deleted my screenshot.

Mystery solved!

Are you getting notifications from a mafia chat or anything like that?