Ready, Aim, Fire 3 - Popcorn Edition (Game Over!)

It is only just to run this game after the monstrosity happened in Popcorn Mafia.

Taking /ins now.

Rules here


  • chesskid3
  • NotMafia
  • Ellibereth
  • Screenplay
  • DS
  • Andres
  • GTacc
  • ScarletCelestial







In, sounds like a meme game


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8 is enough so I’ll give this game 24 hours just in case someone else wants to join, and I’ll start the game!

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Sorry for the delay, folks. 'Twas busy today.

Round 1 begins now, for lolshooting.

@chesskid3 @NotMafia @Ellibereth @Srceenplay @DS @Andresvmb @GTacc @ScarletCelestial
Please submit your choice within 24 hours.

shoot Elli

Solid shot

Who starts with the gun?

Wait ha, didn’t even get a role pm gg

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Oh ha, should probably read the rules.

Lol this isnt popcorn

Well it is but it isn’t

Sorry I didn’t see this had started. I’ll submit soon.