One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Signups

Alright, I’m gonna take signups for one night ultimate werewolf. I’ll spoiler the setup and roles I’m going to use below



Welcome to One Night Ultimate Werewolf. This is a single phase werewolf game where you work with or against your friends to find and kill a werewolf. Or maybe kill a town guy if you are a werewolf.

Unlike normal Mafia games. This game will have a single night phase followed by a single day phase. The night phase is mostly just to set up the game and the day phase you all talk it out and lynch a player of your choice.

If the lynched player is a Werewolf. The town wins.

If the lynched player is town. The werewolves win.

There are some exceptions but it depends on who and which roles are in the game and I will cover that in the roles section.


Every game will have some but not all of these roles and will be specified in the game itself. The number of roles in the game will be the number of players +3 unused roles. All roles will then be randomized and given out with the last 3 left unused and unseen (unless a role can look at those unused roles)

This is a Villager. It’s the vanilla role with no ability. There can be more than one of these in a game. The exact number of them will be specified pre-game.

The bodyguard will protect whoever they think is innocent. If the bodyguard votes to lynch someone and the day ends that person will be spared from death. Instead the person with the second most number of votes will be killed.

Seer can look at the role card of another player. OR they can choose 2 of the 3 unused cards and look at them. Most games have one seer though you could have 2 in a larger game.

The drunk can not remember what role he has. He will exchange his role for one of the 3 unused roles of his choosing but he will not see what the new role is.

The robber will choose a fellow player and switch roles with them. The Robber will then look at the new card they have received and play for whatever team that is. The person who is swapped with becomes the new robber and is thus on the side of the town.

The witch will look at one of the 3 center cards. The witch will then swap that role with any of the players in the game. Placing their role card in the center in it’s stead. Any player can be swapped in this way including the witch herself.

The Troublemaker will choose 2 other players in the game and swap their roles but will not know what those roles were or what they currently are. The people who have had their roles swapped will not be notified of this.

The insomniac will have trouble sleeping and at the end of the night will wake up early and check their role. If their role was changed at any point during the night they will be actively aware of their new role. Only use this role in games with a Troublemaker or a Robber

The Psycho Ex GF is randomly assigned the name of a player and entirely focused on getting that person lynched. If anyone other than their assigned target is lynched, they lose

The Hunter is a tough guy with a gun. If he is lynched whoever his lynch vote is on he will kill as well. If it is a werewolf the town wins!

The Revealer will flip over another player’s role card. The card he flips over will remain flipped and when the game begins everyone will know the role of said player. Unless the card is a Werewolf (or in the werewolf family) or a Tanner. In which case the card is flipped back over… but the Revealer will have seen the card. It just won’t stay revealed.

If the revealer sees the Doppelgänger they will leave it face up even if Doppelgänger has become a werewolf/tanner as the revealer will not know what the Doppelgänger has become.

The doppelgänger can copy any other role in the game. This role acts first and chooses another player. The doppelgänger is now that role too. The doppelgänger immediately uses their new role at the start of the night, save for a few exceptions like roles that activate with other roles such as the werewolvesminions or roles that activate at the end of the night like insomniacrevealer.

The doppelgänger copies both the role and the alignment of whoever they copy.

The Tanner hates his job and wants to die. If he dies he and only he wins.

The werewolves will know who all the other werewolves in the game are. Typically only 2 werewolves per game but if the number of players gets high it’ll probably be 3. The werewolves won’t be able to speak to each other outside of the game like a typical mafia though.

The mystic wolf is the same as a regular werewolf save for the fact that this wolf will be able to look at the role of one other player. This information will only be shown to the Mystic wolf and not all of the werewolves in play.

(This part is true for both kinds of Werewolves) If there is only 1 werewolf in play (which is possible if the 2nd werewolf ends up in the unused pile. Then the single werewolf can choose one of the 3 unused cards and look at it.

The minion is working for the werewolves and know who they are. Though they do not know who he is. If the minion dies and no werewolves die then the werewolves and the minion win the game.

Roles and alignments will change in the night due to the troublemaker and the drunk so all that matters is what role you end up with when you die. If you are switched to a werewolf and die then you lose on the werewolf team and so forth.

Here is the order of the night actions. Invariably

Psycho ex learns their target

Doppelgänger copies another player

Doppelgänger uses the role of said player instantly with a few exceptions*

Werewolves receive list of all werewolf names (Doppelgänger will be made known to the werewolves as well if they become a werewolf as well*)

Sole werewolf checks a center card if there is only one (Does not activate if Doppelgänger becomes a werewolf too*)

Mystic Werewolf checks one other player’s card

Minion gets a list of all werewolves in game (Doppelgänger will get this info at this point if they scan minion as well*)

Seer checks another player card or 2 center cards

Robber swaps their card with another player

Witch swaps one of the center cards with any player

Troublemaker swaps 2 other players’ cards

Drunk swaps his card with a center card

Insomniac checks on their card. (Doppelgänger insomniac checks too*)

Revealer flips over another player’s card (which stays flipped unless it’s WerewolfMystic W.Minion/Tanner) (Doppelgänger Revealer too*)

And then day begins

And that’s ONUW

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You had two copies of the whole thing in the summary - got rid of one. :stuck_out_tongue:
What sort of time commitment is needed to play?

Not much of a commitment. It’s one day phase that only ends with a lynch, so that’s basically up to the players how long it takes.

This is really just supposed to be a very easily setup and run game that people can take turns hosting on a regular basis.

We need at the least three and can take however many we get.

Really enjoy this game FtF. Let’s see how it goes on a forum. I’m in!

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I’ll play if y’all are okay with me only posting once or twice a day,

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Thats enough to run a small game, but more players means more power roles and more shenanigans so the more the merrier really. We can take as many as there are that want to join so I’ll leave signups open until like 5pm today or then shoot role pms out.

Keeping this open another hour or so until I get a chance to roll the setup


Okay so the game is gonna be


Randing now

Game will start once everyone replies to their PM

Opening this back up for a round 2. Sign up below: