One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Game Thread (Town Win)

Votecount as of post #95

GTacc (5): Dab, JakeTheWolfie, Urist, Ellibereth, Srceenplay

Not Voting (3): chesskid3, GTacc, Andresvmb

good game

GTacc was lynched and flips Werewolf!

Town wins!

I made a little mod thread to track initial and final roles and actions and stuff, would anyone be filling to release it? Also, as this game was a bit of an experiment and my first time modding a game, so I’d appreciate feedback and criticism.

Oh yay I had it right. Good job Town.

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Add me to the thread and I can release it if you want

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oh crap… im dumb…

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Mod thread if anyone is interested: One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Mod Thread

i was very useful this game

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no complaints

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GG everyone

Thanks for the game mod

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You were the Minion?! Hahaha that’s so funny. So essentially you had to make a claim that would get you lynched instead of Jake and failed. Interesting.

gj @Drifter :slight_smile:

I edited 0 things this game which is more than I can say for some other hosts here kek.


Would anyone be interested in playing this again or nah?

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I would be down.

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If I were to run this again how soon would you be interested in?

Whenever everybody else is ready.