Matroskha 4: Over!

Gtacc trying a little too hard, don’t ya think?

I have trouble reading gtacc until he slips one way or the other.

I have trouble reading.

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So when will pregame end and we will get our rolecards?

I think gtacc is town tbh. Dunno that scumGtacc comes out and jokes about role PMs again, otherwise known as the exact thing he died for in white flag.

where from I come from,

That’s called WIFOM.

And attempting to use it for whatever reason is scummy

there’s nothing more useless than calling something wifom zzz


Ok its a shitty opinion



A forum called mafia10, which is a much cooler name than mafia451.

If I don’t pick the dolls, I’m going to be disappointed.

Is it better to be a large doll or a small doll

I’ve always wanted to be the little spoon

May be, but it’s mine :woman_shrugging:

This might be old news because this is #4, but the best place to put scum is at slot :clock7:.

Why would the doll maker want a creepy looking doll? It makes more sense to put the evil deep inside the doll, so it can run for office haunt someone 1000 years later.

I won’t spend too much time arguing strategy, but yeah the Doll Maker’s top SR always goes in the last slot, and the idea is to simply have the top two Town Reads in the first two slots for obvious reasons. The hardest part from my limited experience is figuring out who to place next to the Scum, since association reading is not my forte (and particularly not in a game with no flips). That’s how I tried to approach it at least when I had to pick the order.

That was also back when Elli was not try-harding as Scum, so I’m withholding judgment all around until people make themselves more obvious.

If Star gets to pick again I’ll throw a fit.

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I think because it’s flipless it would be better to rand the sixth slot and worry more about the prospects of being affected by antispew vs the 17% chance you auto lose from the random number generator.

I mean the way I’ve always recommended doing this was

  • 2 obvtown in first two slots, if these are wrong loss is deserved
  • Most likely scum in last slot, duh.
  • Order rest in such a way that makes it least likely adjacent pairs are partners, ignoring independent reads.

What’s more interesting is how the dollmaker should start phase 2.

Last time I think we did the “they propose 3 lineups that they’re considering but don’t indicate preference”. The “people panicking to change order” part is basically where this has always been won or lost.


Except Star had submitted his order already so it didn’t even matter haha but yes.

Wait what he did?