Mafia De Cuba ReRolled

Nope, it makes game hard

Alright Dan, claim action. I need to figure out who’s lying here.

So what did you see when you peaked into the box?

I took the loyalist token

I love this game



There were 4 when I got it


plz question eli/urist

Hardclaim FBI agent

dan is a liar lmao

Elli how many diamonds were in the box when you got it

you aren’t my godfather

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I’m your FBI agent

also i went first, that question is useless since there’s 0 motivation to lie hello

I’m pretty sure our godfather has alzheimers and has been stealing his own diamonds, that’s why i ask

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super positive that Elli, in first position, of course chooses loyalist.


there was no flavor like hooking up with jan so yes of course i chose the town equivalent

Jan is a frigid bitch

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