Josh Mafia 2: Custom Edition - Day 2

Votecount as of post #18

Katyusha (1): chesskid3

Not Voting (3): KatyushaGB, Ellibereth, Key

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I’m willing to not blow my gladiate but if the lynch is going somewhere I don’t want it then I am going to fucking glad her face off.

if you think shes scum then why are you voting for

You think I’m scum or you think it would be fun?

I’m going to sound stilted for a bit if that’s your issue. Or the whole game. Probably the whole game.

LMAO this is gonna be an issue for

I’m not even voting you :?:

so why do you want to gladiate her if you’re voting for

quite simply, i should.


So you don’t want to vote for her but instead you want to

i think i’m literally the least meme pick in the game


okay but that doesn’t explain

i also don’t believe that i insinuated that my town game was clear or straightforward

i think the harder it is to understand what i’m doing the more likely it is that i’m town in the general case.

I’m not scumreading you I just want to

lmao i can already tell half of this game’s hell is going to be because of

If you gladiate me it’s worse if you’re town, since then we’re in a lose-lose

You appear to be informed of chesskid’s alignment. This is displeasing.

Idk why you’d think the issue with the gladiating is related to a read on you

A voice in my head tells me who the mafia are and I listen to it