HAND AND BRAIN (KiDS vs. L Key) easy draw

@DS - BRAIN @chesskid3 - HAND (WHITE)


@Key - BRAIN @Ellibereth - HAND (BLACK)

@Key, @DS

you guys post chess pieces in this topic

DS you go first since you guys are white.

can’t you do the thing you had in the chess mafia concept thread where the board was here without a link needed or is that only if we do it in a study

if i tell him to move king what happens

then you have to tell me again because I can’t move my King in this position

but the goal is to win so

okay just making sure that if i tell him to do something he cant do he gets another go


I think you can only iframe studies or completed games

ps there might be a delay because key is at work

why dont we do a study then that’s locked to you and I as contributors?

I’ll set it up

stockfish lives right next to it no

no i turned it off

im also at work/ will be driving home soon so ping me if i dont check in like 10 mins

I’ll iframe it into the op hold on

@Ellibereth pawn

@chesskid3 when I rotate it doesn’t effect you right

also the board in the op updates when you refresh.