HAND AND BRAIN 2 (Danist vs KiDS)

@ActionDan (BRAIN) and @Urist (HAND) have the white pieces

@DS (HAND) and @chesskid3 (BRAIN) are black but are channeling their inner :magnus:

wait you did a different iframe than the one i used.
I think this one is worse?

you did ask chesspug to make the post

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its Key’s code for #1

rooting for @ActionDan

nvm fixed it

can we have the shitty chess players be hands this time



oh I’m a brain



wait ds and chesskid should swap

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elli says you suck at chess ck


uhh which one is the queen

the pointy one


O crap I have to make u a contributor to the study. Whats your lichess handle

… i’ll register