if that somehow happened in the other game I was gonna to copy paste everypost from you in red dead redemption mafia

That was lyncher gloating tho

I would have changed things, but the gloating would be equivalent

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4 players still to post :thinking:

@StarV shoot out dem discord/offsite pings?

I do have fond memories of that lyncher win and subsequent gloating

Hi :smiley:

Now that’s a scummy hi :smiley:

VOTE: Andresvmb

VOTE: chesskid3

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VOTE: Andresvmb

You are just bitter from a different game.

U wat mate

Backstreet Boys are obvs scum.

VOTE: Andresvmb

Hi peeps. :smiley:

Should take 5 to kill, not 4.

Also andres shouldn’t be killed just for posting Backstreet Boys.

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Whatever. Scum on me so figure it out.

Well technically after what GTacc did last game I was IC, so I’m not arguing against the claim that this is twice in a row.

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