So this is for all of you who play VIDEO MAFIA on Friday nights. Elli and I discussed how we could combine Forum + Video mafia, so I’m going to take a swing at it… Except, this isn’t exactly mafia. There will be 1 kill and 1 lynch… However, there will also be supporting evidence to drive the lynch (so you’re not shooting entirely in the dark).


Forum Game Phase
Video Mafia Phase

Players 5-8


This is a game of social deduction.

Players will all be set up with extensive backstories & invitations to an event. Each character has certain abilities and/or restrictions that they may use when indicated. Each character will have a unique motivation for attending the event.

Upon accepting the invitation, players will be added to the default location of the scenario (Private Thread), players will receive a detailed description of their belongings and surroundings. Players who are in the same space are free to talk during the day. At night, character actions may be restricted or changed as characters will typically be brought to their sleeping quarters.

Every character’s motivation will include an investigative component which will have the players search for clues. However, the objective will shift if the character experiences a traumatic event.

After the investigation phase, duration: 7 Days, all players will be invited to the final round where they have to complete their objective in order to win.

Forum Component

The game set up is organized into locations (Private Threads)

  • Players may visit only 1 location per game day
  • Players in the same location may interact with each other
  • Locations and characters are fully interactive
  • Any changes and/or damages to locations and/or characters are permanent

Video Mafia Component

The game is set in one single location (Zoom)

  • In certain circumstances, players may be permitted to leave the Zoom in order to conduct a private discussion.

End Game

The end game is simple, everyone votes on which player to lynch, the player who receives the most votes is lynched.

  • Any player who meets their victory condition wins
  • Any player who did not loses
  • A mislynched player has one final chance to solve the set up (several components), if they do, they win alone

Important Information Regarding Playing Scum / Finding Scum

  • ANYONE can be scum
  • The mod acts as an NPC and only answers questions, the mod does not play
  • The mod can be scum
  • There can be several scum players, however, they are never aligned
  • Flavor is relevant to finding scum
  • Flavor does not determine who is scum
  • Scum can be seen as randomly assigned

Backstory Sample

Name: Gloria Kemp
Age: 26
Sex: Female

You are a Student, attending Michigan State University. Every semester, you seem to be teetering on the edge of either failing out or dropping out, but you know if you don’t see it through, you will have nothing, no one to fall back on.

It would not be accurate to say that you are well liked among your peers… But you wouldn’t have it any other way, the truth is, you’re not so interested in the companionship of others. Attachment is weakness, and there is nothing you would hate more than to find yourself caring for another living creature. Your temperament can be said to be unstable at the best of times and your rising college dept is not doing that any favors.

You claim your problems arose from an incident in your freshman year with Joey McLaurin, the boy you first developed a crush on. The thing is, he never so much as noticed you, until that one day… The moment was so perfect, you had run into each other at the library where you had a long discussion about politics and in the end. You instantly hit it off, he took you back to his dorm room where you were sure all your fantasies would come true. The fairy tale was quickly brought to a stop, because once you were tied up, his girlfriend, Bria Cole arrived in the room. She was in on it from the start! They had… Well… They did… They did things right in front of you that you would have ripped from your soul if the chance presented itself…

The truth is, the horrors go back much further than that. You were already an avid drug user by this time. Years of disappointment and family issues have brought you to a breaking point where you moved 3000 miles away to attend University.

Your past, so full of horrors and abuse… When offered an opportunity to get back at those who harmed you, will you do it?

Childhood Memory:
Your main childhood memory might explain a few things… You have a cat, his name is Fluffy. Hey, it’s okay for an 8 year old their newborn kitty such a generic name. This cat was your whole world, it took you out of the rough punishment that was handed down from mom and dad… He was the cutest, fuzziest fuzzball and he always seemed to support you no matter what.


You’re 13 and you’re already acting up at school, your parents are none too supportive, after failing your first exam, they locked you up in your room so that you can study without distractions, they took everything away from you except for Fluffy. Fluffy was still by your side. Later though, your dad shows up at your door, you don’t know what’s up with him, he seems… Out of sorts. He smells terrible… In hindsight, he was definitely drunk.

His anger soared when he found you petting that cat, homework untouched. You screamed so loudly, but your grip wasn’t strong enough to overpower your own father as he ripped Fluffy from your hands. The last thing you can remember is Fluffy flying out the window… And drowning in tears.

Sample Objective

You have received a mysterious anonymous invitation to an event at some Mansion in the suburbs. You’re not sure what this is about, but it does seem like another trap orchestrated by the same people who have wronged you before. This time, you will have a surprise of your own.

Objective: Find out the names of everyone attending, plant drugs in the house, tip off the cops and get out before they arrive.


Let me know if /in so that I can set up the roles / locations / special actions

When do you plan on doing vm?

Me please I can’t come to vm this week but this looks so fun

I wanted to run one of those “night of mystery” murder parties one time but started playing forum mafia instead, this sounds a lot like that


Yea this looks great, murder mysteries are so much fun

How long is the VM component? I might make my debut


Probably going to cap it at 20 minutes given that we’re only doing 1 lynch, if there is more than 1 lynch, each additional lynch will be an increase of 5 minutes.

So, it cannot be this week, if I can get all of the sign ups & roles out by Friday, it COULD be next week, but that seems like a lot of big IFs.

Probably looking to do it on the 8th

I started to read but decided it was to much. Can you just explain it live Friday?

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This looks fun and I can do it after this week.

Yeah let’s aim for the 1st or the 8th.

I included a sample backstory for you guys in the OP.

i cannot do the 1st, 8th is a possibility.

Also what’s the point of trying to lynch scum if you have an independent wincon?

… like being lynched? I’m not sure I follow

Like uncovering a crime.

In the example, if you found a stash of drugs or you found out about the police, that would constitute a traumatic event that would alter your win condition.

Other things could be like finding a body, or a pool of blood.

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traumatic is an understatement, some of their music is downright horrific.

Urist is a traumatic event


I was gonna make a joke about seeing Josh’s face on webcam being traumatic