Elon Musk's iPod Submarine

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R1: Elon Musk's iPod Submarine
R2: Elon Musk's iPod Submarine
R3: Elon Musk's iPod Submarine

R1 Players:


We’ll try doing it this way:

  1. I’ll send 4 of you a topical 6-word problem and the remaining one of you that you’re Elon.
  2. Everyone post your solution (2 words) in the topic.
  3. Everyone pm’s me who they think Elon is except for Elon.
  4. Who everyone chose is publicly revealed, Elon tries to guess the problem.
  5. As a group we can decide if they were conceptually close enough.

Ask questions/discuss rules/etc.

Obviously (?) we should have a gentlemen’s agreement that town’s intended solutions are all somehow “solutions” (though possibly creative) for the problem.

When playing with friends irl we had it so that if any non-elon player voted for another non-elon player, elon automatically won, to make life easier for the elon player. I think it’s a good idea but up to you guys.

I’ll send out the problem in a few hours and will just roll with whatever I choose at that time.

R1 sent out

Eternal winter

Ice glass

Bigass dome

Sea wall

Mars City

Everyone pm me who you think Elon is

@GTacc thinks beeboy is Elon.
@beeboy thinks GTacc is Elon.
@NotMafia thinks Chesskid is Elon.
@Nanook thinks GTacc is Elon.
@chesskid3 thinks GTacc is Elon.

MR. MUSK, reveal yourself and guess what the problem was.

It wasnt me

I’m Elon!

The problem is global warming!

And my sea wall solution is miles better than your pedo solutions

The problem was

Global warming is ruining the planet.

Elonkid wins!

Chessy can send the next one but a question about a rule alteration:

Do you guys want to make it so that the problem giver has to post a vague solution to the problem too so that there’s some chance that Elon goes first out of the players?

If you announce that he sends the question he cant be elon

I think you misunderstood.

If I, as the host, had opened this round with “Time Machine” - Elon in theory could risk being the first player to post. While in the actual round, Not Mafia was almost certainly not Elon.

Basically it raises the probability that Elon is the first player to something “less nonzero”.


I like that solution.
Can I in for round 2?