Elon Musk's iPod Submarine




/in like a tunnel to China

@chesskid3 you still in?

and are you guys inning for spyfall or elon musk’s ipodsubmarine
I’m fine with both lmao

Musky baby. #MuskyForMartianOfTheYear2020

So how do we want to do this.

  1. Host sends everyone the question or that they’re Elon. (We can rotate on who’s host?)
  2. Everyone sends their solution to Host.
  3. Discuss??? (Unclear to me if this is part of it)
  4. Everyone pm’s the host who they think Musk is/what they think the problem was
  5. Reveal!

I think it’s:

  1. Host sends question to everyone except one person, whom he sends Elon Musk to.

  2. Everyone says their solution in thread (they’re DQ’d if they use more than two words)

  3. Brief discussion time (like 24 hours, 48 tops)

3.1 Everyone votes for who they think is Elon musk. If Elon musk figures out the problem, he says that (obviously if he gets it wrong he loses cause everyone realizes it’s him)

  1. Reveal

  2. ???

  3. Profit

Oh wait duh, Elon will need other solutions for reference, yeah whoops.

For “voting”, maybe just everyone says in bold who they think is Elon, including Elon (who fakes it), and after that process he reveals himself and guesses the problem? Intuitively feels like that makes more sense.

That would work too.

My twitch handle isnt Thailand-submarine-expert for nothing of course I’m in

I’ll start this today. We’ll iterate what rules/format makes sense based on how stuff goes.