Corrupt a Wish

You all know how this goes. But keep it friendly-ish.

I wish I had a girlfriend.

Granted, but she insists you “just work better as friends xoxo.”

I wish I had a fish.

Granted. It’s a Wild Chilean Sea Bass with a high mercury level, making it unsafe to eat.

I wish I had money.

Partially granted, your post has been deleted, but the post history is still visible.

I wish StarV would stop making complicated wishes.

Granted, that wish already seems pretty basic.

I wish for a car

Granted, but it is a small lego car

I wish for a better computer

Granted but you have no internet.

I wish I was a baller.

Granted, your new profession is making footballs

I wish I was more toned

Granted. Orange is a tone

Granted but you always ruin games.

I wish I could read

Granted, you are blind and can read brail

I wish I could fly

Granted, you’re a bird now.
I wish I could wish for more wishes.

Granted but all future wishes can only be used to wish for more wishes.

I wish I could play in the nba

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Granted, you’ve been transformed into a basketball

I wish I was Omnipotent

GRanted, you are now StarV

I wish Elli was good at Mafia.

Granted now 451 town winrate goes to 30% because elli is always lynched day 1

I wish

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Granted but you’re a fucking idiot and deserve to step on legos.

I wish I had legos for feet


I wish I was Bi

Granted but everyone else is only attracted to women.

I wish I was high