Compromise R7

I think you’re town :woman_shrugging:

So you’re hardclaiming town🤔

I wonder if andres too will do that and ask for a compromise

Whilst I remain




So, what do you want to do? Should we vote Nanook?

Well I kinda want your hardclaim sir

I’m never compromising. It’s just not likely to be a winning strategy.


So you feel you are in the majority sir?

I think I’ve already revealed too much without you revealing much at all.

If I did I wouldn’t ask you to vote with me.


Are you going to decide or no?

Bear with me pls

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@chesskid3 hammer daddy

VOTE: Andresvmb


Did I get played

I think a week is sufficient time to say it isn’t


I mean I was scum tho :grimacing: