Compromise R6


@Andresvmb gotta make sure you’re picking up the right signal :stuck_out_tongue:


I am. We’re in alignment.

Say it then :stuck_out_tongue:

Been down this road have to make sure. I’ll vote first once you say it.


It’s the same situation. Just do it.

You’re all bluffing and full of shiiit

Which means I’m one of your friends :thinking:

VOTE: Andres

I think this is right :woman_shrugging:

O god is it?

Gonna name some names mr nook?

Be my mason

You wouldn’t be manipulating my heartstrings would you

I’m Sam Casseling this

My mason buddy would never do that

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What is that reference even lol

It’s a good reference

Vote vote vote

Hes gonna be mad if I vote him without letting him speak

He’s not a mason so it’s ok