Compromise R5

cool, we probably both won

Hope so


At least @chesskid3 lost harder than Gtacc

I was scum too :frowning:

I had a scumread on Nanook so I was gonna vote dan tho

I will laugh if Elli made us all scum

I was the comprophet and u didn’t listen

dab was cop with a guilty on chess
only dan wins

you guys take decisive action too fucking fast

gg dan

Yup I was green scum, like last time

It’s ok now I get to flip out at Nanook like he flipped out at Gtacc

Thought chess was town so it didn’t matter tbh :woman_shrugging:

thinking someone is something after they’ve made 1 post :thinking:

Not everyone prays to the false idol of the spreadsheet

But yeah I thought chess was cop tbh