1v1 me

Team challenge

Team A < Game > Team B

KatyushaGB < Pokemon Gen II OU > StarV
DS < Chess > StarV
GTacc < TBD > StarV

Challenges from StarV
Starcraft: Brood War or Remastered
King Domino.

Challenge me to a Bo7, 1v1 of 7 different games. I will accept board games and RTS that are freely available online or at minimal cost.

Each game selected must be playable within 6 hours or less.

U = you pick
I = I pick


Basically, I give up home court advantage, if you think that’s too easy, I’ll gladly challenge you with home court on my side.

Games should also play well with 2 players, but I will be flexible on that since interpretation could vary.

GTacc has accepted

let’s see who can do more integrals in 20 minutes :thinking:

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That’s not a game!

Let’s not

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Why not?

i forget everything about integrals

shortlist of games other than chess

I haven’t thought about my picks extensively, it would depend on the other player’s availability. In the realm of shorter games I would probably go with dominion, smash up, king domino and maybe queen domino… Not 100%.

If someone wanted to do RTS, I would also throw in brood war, Homeworld, red alert and total annihilation.

In the realm of longer games I might go with twilight struggle and war of the ring

i’ve only heard of 2 things in the things you mentioned and only played one. :thinking:

That’s why you get to pick 4! It’s also just an opportunity to pick up some new games :face_with_raised_eyebrow: win win from my pov.

Through the ages is another longer one I would pick.

I don’t know 4 lmao.

:man_shrugging: I’ve played most of them only once.

Or 5 times, maybe 10

I’ve easily played dominion 1000+ times.

Through the ages I’ve only played once

The great thing is you get to pick 4 games Elli!

And I’m bad at chess.

(not just from the ones I mentioned that I would pick)